Bespoke Solutions


A typical cross section of our Bespoke product customers are:

Clarke Energy


Cryogenic Ltd

Specialist Heat Exchangers Ltd

Black & Veatch

Eriks UK

Peter Brotherhood

Historically the vast majority of products supplied by Bellows Technology have been of bespoke design, due to the many variables of required movement, diameter, length, pressure, temperature, material, and connecting interfaces it is very unusual for us to supply the same specific bellows design to more than 1 customer. However we remain commercially competitive by utilising standard component parts within these designs.

Providing bespoke solutions means that we can effectively design and manufacture a product specifically to meet the demands of an application, with no compromise on any aspect of the functional capability. This capability can also be supported by full engineering calculations and design FEA analysis.

Equally we are often asked to engineer a solution to reduce the unit cost of an item but maintain the same capability. Our engineering team are always available to consult in these situations.